One Unakite Comfort Palm Stone
One Unakite Comfort Palm Stone

One Unakite Comfort Palm Stone
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Unakite balances the emotional, spiritual, and mental aspects of self to a healthy state of acceptance—a comforting stone for children. It engenders patience, persistence, and harmony with oneself.

Respectively, its pink and green properties resonate passion and nurturing energies used
 to release energy blockages. It guides you to remove old thoughts and behaviours, foster healthy relationships, and focus on the present.

A vision stone, Unakite enables you to receive spiritual insights from higher powers during meditation. It supports the reproductive system and balances the metabolism.

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  • One high polished semi-precious gemstone
  • Approximately 40 mm wide
  • Cleansed with Renewal Gem Source Essence® and charged with Reiki healing energy
  • Comes protected and packaged in an Italian-made faux suede jewelry pouch
  • A detailed description card of the healing properties and its own story is included

Palm stones are ideal for meditation while holding them in your hands. You may also carry them with you in your pocket or purse; excellent for relieving tension and stress by playing or rubbing them with your fingers. Palm stones make very thoughtful gifts.

The natural inclusions in our genuine semi-precious gemstones will vary in appearance and may differ from the picture shown, as each gemstone has its own unique formation and story.