"I just came across your post on Instagram about J. Miles Dale (March 7th) and it put a smile on my face. Just last week, I mentioned to him that he hasn't removed his bracelet since we met you at the gift lounge. You told him that it would bring him good luck - he was sold! It was on his wrist the night of the Oscars." Sylvie (wife of J. Miles Dale; 2018 Oscar winner for best picture, "Shape of Water") Toronto, ON

"My Journey with Lisa Young Lee Inc. began earlier this year when I was introduced to them to provide a bracelet for my cousin who has everything. My cousin is very much into healing stones and crystals as well as Reiki. Me, well I’m not a big believer, until I received my own bracelet. I suffered with lower back pain and see a chiropractor regularly. Since wearing my bracelet my lower back pain has been manageable to the point where I only see my chiropractor monthly for a tuneup. You have to understand I was and still am a significant klutz! I also used to struggle with trying to sleep. It would take me forever to fall asleep and stay asleep. Since putting my bracelet on I’ve been able to fall asleep soon as my head hits the pillow and stay asleep! Since then, I think I’ve purchased another 10 to 12 bracelets from Lisa Young Lee Inc. for all of the significant people in my life. I also went and got a specific bracelet to help with my jaw pain and migraines. They work wonders! They truly put their clients interest at the forefront! If you are lucky enough to have a design piece - trust me - you will be so much better for it!" Jennifer; Nova Scotia, Canada

"Having never worn or used any such medical bands, I was initially a little skeptical as to the benefits they may offer. I was pleasantly surprised that after even one day wearing a hematite and tourmaline bracelet from Lisa Young Lee Inc., I certainly felt a sense of calmness and reassurance to help me get through stressful moments during my day.” Nicholas; UK

"I purchased a bracelet from LYL that was in line with my goals and aspirations to help me stay focused and determined. I love how stunning and unique the gems are and I have since developed my collection to be more diverse. Can't wait to see if you will design earrings some day!" Krista; Newfoundland, Canada

"Since wearing my bracelets regularly and during my sleep, I have experienced a dramatic reduction in pain levels. Though massages have provided some immediate effect, my Hematite bracelets serve to give me ongoing relief. At the same time, they are simply pretty to wear and fun to mix-and-match with other pieces! And knowing what lies beneath them, their meanings and properties, makes them ever more special and rare.” Caroline; Tokyo, Japan

"My first bracelet–a beautiful gift from my daughter. The first few days of wearing my bracelet I felt a warming tingling sensation in my right arm. I also kept having a feeling that I had to start working on being true to myself, to be honest and let go of any fear and let God be my guide. There is a little silver star on the bracelet and everytime I look at it–it reminds me to let my light shine to be my authentic self the way God intended me to be." Lorna; Alberta, Canada

"I love the way my bracelets look together. The beads are beautiful and very well made. I somehow feel so much more calm and don't have as many body aches. I have also purchased as gifts and will continue to do so in the future. Love it!" April; Nova Scotia, Canada

"I love my new gemstone bracelets from Lisa Young Lee Inc. both for their aesthetic and healing properties. My labradorite bracelet has a nice calming effect, and I chose the rose quartz bracelet for its love energy. Whether with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a dress, the pink and the grey tones add a subtle, feminine touch to my outfits.” Jeannie; Ontario, Canada

"My daughter gifted me one of your beautiful bracelets. Since I've started wearing it, I feel more energetic. I've also noticed that I feel more calm and relaxed in situations which I would normally feel stressed and anxious about. My thinking is more clear and positive, I feel better in general when wearing my bracelet! Along with all of the benefits I have felt from the bracelet it is beautifully designed and goes with everything I wear. I truly love my LYL bracelet! I highly recommend them to anyone who wants more positivity in their lives!" Georgina; Alberta, Canada

"LYL Inc. introduced me to their bracelets last year and I must say they have brought me so much peace and tranquillity in my life. I wear them daily and love them all. Lisa Young Lee is amazing and their gems are a must have!" Carmel; Nova Scotia, Canada

"I wear my LYL healing gemstone bracelet daily along with using the Gemstone and Aura cleanser. I love it and feel that it gives me that boost I need to start my day filled with love and positive vibes. Feeling very proud that this beautiful jewellry is being made right here in Cape Breton" Darlene; Nova Scotia, Canada

"I like my moon stone bracelet very much, especially the colour and I wear it everyday. It brings me calm, peace and balance. The most important thing is that moonstone really relieves my physical pain during my menstrual cycle." Amy, Nova Scotia, Canada