Blessings, Balance and Nurturing Peace ™
Blessings, Balance and Nurturing Peace ™

Blessings, Balance and Nurturing Peace ™
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Clear Quartz is known as the "Master Healer" for its ability to amplify energy and thoughts with meditation and give protection from unwanted energies.

Highly cherished by healers and spiritualists, it is an aid for emotional healing, a deep soul cleanser for the body and mind connection, and a powerful stone to magnify your intentions with.

Its protective properties neutralize electromagnetic smog and clear the mind of negativity to enhance spiritual receptiveness and a Positive Mindset™. It attracts love or prosperity, aids concentration, and unlocks memory.

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This primary birthstone for June is associated with elegance and is known to be naturally nurturing—excellent for parents, teachers, or nurses.

Pearls are good for women, especially wearing them on your wedding day, as they symbolize purity, loyalty, and feminine energy. They are said to increase thoughtfulness, integrity, and patience.

Pearls nourish your health and well-being by helping the wearer attune to the ebb and flow of life, providing calm and centering to any challenges. They also relieve nervousness, anxiety, and tension related to stress.

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Jade is a stone of blessings and abundance. Its strong, steady energy provides balance and well-being upon touching it, while broadcasting peace and kindness to others.

As an amulet of good luck, Jade helps support friendships, wisdom, positive thinking, dreams, and self-sufciency. It facilitates the Divine energy ow of serenity, purity, and love into your life—encouraging harmony in family and work relationships.

Jade can heal feelings of guilt and help realize true desires. It works as a powerful cleansing stone by removing toxins from the body.

  • 33 mm glass crystal fleur-de-lis prism
  • 10 mm and 6 mm Natural Clear Quartz
  • 8 mm Natural Fresh Water Pearl
  • 8 mm Natural Pink Jade
  • 6 mm sterling silver stardust bead
  • 152 mm in length with prism and beads, and hangs approximately 10.5 inches long
  • Sterling silver logo tag
  • Window bling is made with a durable, high quality, fishing wire
  • Cleansed with Renewal Gem Source Essence® and charged with Reiki healing energy
  • Comes protected and packaged in an Italian-made, faux suede jewelry pouch
  • For each gemstone mentioned, a detailed description card of the healing properties and its own story is included
  • Suction cup with hook included
  • Recommended to hang in a home or office window
  • Handcrafted in Canada

The natural inclusions in our genuine semi-precious gemstones and pearls will vary in appearance and may differ from the picture shown, as each have their own unique formation and story.