Tree of Life Ornament: Rainbow of Blessings
Tree of Life Ornament: Rainbow of Blessings
Tree of Life Ornament: Rainbow of Blessings

Tree of Life Ornament: Rainbow of Blessings
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Agate is a protective stone for emotional healing. It is believed to remove aggression and promote inner strength and maturity. Its warm properties nurture self-acceptance, and encourage confidence and courage.

Agate improves memory, perceptiveness, and generosity. It increases stamina, ensures pleasant dreams, and prevents insomnia. Agate protects the wearer from harm, and brings in luck and calm.

Agate fosters the willpower to take on life's challenges. It assists those who are always multi-tasking their commitments or jobs, helps writers to express ideas creatively, and awakens talents.

Aventurine is a stone of opportunity and reflection. This green quartz is the luckiest of all the gemstones and imparts a winning attitude that helps to attract prosperity, career success, and wealth.

Aventurine assists to promote mental clarity, positive thinking, creativity, and empathy. It also reinforces leadership qualities, decisiveness, and to see alternatives in all situations.

Its protective and soothing properties can be used to ward off people who try to drain your energy, bring harmony and balance between spouses, and heal any emotional wounds.

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Clear Quartz is known as the "Master Healer" for its ability to amplify energy and thoughts with meditation and give protection from unwanted energies.

Highly cherished by healers and spiritualists, it is an aid for emotional healing, a deep soul cleanser for the body and mind connection, and a powerful stone to magnify your intentions with.

Its protective properties neutralize electromagnetic smog and clear the mind of negativity to enhance spiritual receptiveness and a Positive Mindset™. It attracts love or prosperity, aids concentration, and unlocks memory.

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Citrine, the birthstone for November is also named the "Success Stone" or "Merchant's Stone" for its ability to manifest abundance, wealth, and generosity.

It vibrates at a frequency that promotes creativity and the transformation of hopes and dreams into reality. Citrine's warm, solar properties light up all areas of life by strengthening the body with a vibrant flow of positive thinking, love, and joy.

Its well-known ability to clear negative energy makes it an excellent stone for meditation, mental awakening, and spiritual growth.

Amethyst birthstone for February promotes spiritual connection and protection. It aids meditation by calming one's thoughts to reach higher states of consciousness. Amethyst enhances intuition, wisdom, and creativity. 

Its protective and soothing properties ward off negative energies of others and relieve stress, mood swings, and anxiety. It encourages healthy habits, and curbs overindulgence and unwanted addictions. 

Amethyst, also called the "Couple's Stone," represents faithful love between couples. This stone of love helps alleviate sadness and grief from the loss of a loved one.

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Lapis Lazuli is a blue stone and is a symbol of truth from the time of ancient Egypt. It's said to carry the vibration of the inner Queen or King within us.

As a stone of visionary awareness, it opens the mind to receive information, wisdom, and creativity. It enhances knowledge and understanding making you a better learner.  

Lapis Lazuli can improve memory, communication, and public speaking, as well as relieve insomnia, general pain, and migraine headaches. A stone of faithful love, it attracts lasting friendships and loyalty.

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Jasper, the supreme nurturing stone symbolizes peace and relaxation. Its protective property alleviates stress and induces tranquility. It also promotes strength, courage, and a Positive Mindset™.

Jasper stimulates quick thinking and organizational skills needed for learning or work. An excellent diet stone, it provides support to willpower and a desire for physical activity.

A strong connection to Earth's energy makes Jasper a remarkable aid for grounding, boosting motivation and energy levels, and quitting smoking and alcohol. Jasper is said to benefit fertility and be a powerful aphrodisiac.

  • Tree of Life with Natural Agate, Amethyst, Aventurine, Clear Quartz, Citrine, Lapis Lazuli and Jasper chips, with Brass Findings
  • 51 mm wide, 63 mm long, 8 mm thick.
  • Tree of Life ornament is strung with a durable, high quality, fishing wire
  • Cleansed with Renewal Gem Source Essence® and charged with Reiki healing energy
  • Comes protected and packaged in an faux suede jewelry pouch
  • For each gemstone mentioned, a detailed description card of the healing properties and its own story is included
  • Recommended to hang in a home or office window

The natural inclusions in our genuine semi-precious gemstones and pearls will vary in appearance and may differ from the picture shown, as each have their own unique formation and story.